The Pope Quotes Chesterton

Well, sort of. Read Dale Ahlquist’s article in Crisis Magazine.

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The Mondragon Co-Op in Spain

Apropos next month’s meeting, a story about the co-op.

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Two (2!!) Chesterton Sightings in one day

From member Carmen, who seems to be reading a lot of really neat things lately:

From THE HERESY OF FORMLESSNESS; The Roman Liturgy and Its Enemy, Martin Mosebach, Ignatius Press, 2006, p. 91:  In an essay discussing the post-conciliar liturgy and the campaign against images, Mosebach speaks of the need for a return to the pre-conciliar liturgy of the Mass.  “The greatest liturgical writer of our century was the Russian priest Pavel Florensky who was shot under Stalin’s regime in 1938.  He is not a saint of the Orthodox Church, nor is his canonization in view, but I regard it as one of the greatest signs of hope that Pope John Paul II installed Florensky’s picture in his private chapel.  Chesterton reminds us that a hope that is based on the least probability cannot actually be described as a Christian virtue.  So while it may be naive to hope that a pope who reads Florensky might revitalize the ancient Christian liturgy, there is still plenty of room for a great and absurd Christian hope of this kind.”


From “First Things,” journal of religion and public life, December 2013 issue, the article “The Catholic Writer Today” by Dana Gioia, poet and critic, former chairman of the National Endowment of the Arts, current Judge Widney Professor of Poetry and Public Culture at the University of Southern California:  in a paragraph describing the cultural prominence of mid-century American Catholic letters being amplified by international literary trends, Gioia states that “The British ‘Catholic Revival’ led by writers such as Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh, J.R.R. Tolkien, Edit Sitwell, Ronald Knox, Hilaire Belloc, David Jones, Muriel Spark, Elizabeth Jennings, and Anthony Burgess provided a contemporary example of how quickly a Protestant and secular literary culture could be enlivened by new voices.  (G. K. Chesterton had died in 1936, but he continued to exercise enormous influence on both British and American writers.)”  The paragraph ends with the quotation from Chesterton, “The crowded stars seem bent upon being understood.”  In a further paragraph Gioia discusses the current collapse of Catholic literary life and his belief that it reflects a “. . . larger crisis of confidence in the Church.”  He then goes on to say, “Needless to say, for Catholicism, this cultural retreat — indeed, this virtual surrender — represents a radical departure from the Church’s traditional role as patron and mentor to the arts.  In only fifty years, the patron has become the pariah.”  This paragraph ends with the quotation from Chesterton, “It is the test of a good religion whether you can joke about it.”

Good things for Chesterton fans to check out and comment on!!!



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Chesterton in “Ceremony of Innocence”

This comes to us courtesy of member Carmen H.:

In the meantime, I just finished Ceremony of Innocence by Dorothy Cummings McLean, Ignatius Press, 2013, p.144, and came across this reference:  Two characters are discussing present-day dysfunction in German society and one says, “That is how it goes, does it not?  ‘Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold . . . The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.’”  “Who is best?”  I asked.  “We here?”  I shook my head.  “Chesterton said that the worst spiritual illness is thinking that we are all right.”



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Dale Ahlquist In Town

The President of the American Chesterton Society will be in St. Louis for the Marian Conference at the Millennium Hotel downtown.  He will be speaking Friday January 10 at 9 PM and Saturday January 11 at 1 PM.  Sorry for the late notice, but “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly”.  $40.00 will get you in the door and you will also have the opportunity to hear Mark Brumly, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, attend Mass, etc.  See for more information.

Dale has also arranged to be at Hodak’s Restaurant (2100 Gravois Avenue, the intersection of Gravois & McNair) just south of downtown Friday from about 5 to 6:30 to enjoy a St. Louis meal and fellowship with Chestertonians from the area, so if you can make that it would be great!!

And don’t forget out regular monthly meeting January 20th at Helen Fitzgerlds to discuss “Chesterton and Mary”.  Should be fascinating!!

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Chesterton and Malcolm Muggeridge

Chesterton and Malcolm Muggeridge

Here’s a terrific little article in the Gargoyle, published by the Malcolm Muggeridge Society. You’ll have to scroll down a bit to find the head of the article.

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In Praise of Doing Things Badly

In Praise of Doing Things Badly

So often people don’t get what GKC meant by this, but The Ubiquitous Pig does. He’s written a rambling meditation on paradoxes, beginning with this one. Have a look.

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GK Chesterton Live in St. Louis Sunday 7-April-2013


Chuck Chalberg as GKC on the set of EWTN’s Apostle of Common Sense

Experience the uncommon sense of GK Chesterton in this one-man show. Chuck Chalberg recreates a lecture as it might’ve been in London circa 1920. Come prepared to laugh and be surprised at Chesterton’s take on every modern -ism, and watch him be surprised too. He never quite knows what he’s going to say but it is always worth hearing.

“The opposite of funny is not serious.
The opposite of funny is not funny”.


Call or stop in the store to buy tickets
Seating is Limited!

Pauline Books and Media
9804 Watson Rd
about a mile East of Lindbergh Blvd

Help The Sisters Get an LED Sign! Get Chesterton Stuff!


One Concept Under Consideration

Net proceeds from ticket sales will be used to help the Sisters put a full-color LED sign out on Watson Road to increase their visibility. They think the sign will increase traffic in the store between 15 & 30%. Enjoy an afternoon with the Apostle of Common Sense and help us at the same time.

Admission from $12.50

Premium Packages!


Preferred Seating at the show, Season VI of EWTN’s Apostle of Common Sense Series on DVD, Kevin O’Brien’s 12 CD Set The Innocence of Father Brown, and a picture with GK.


Preferred Seating at the show, Kevin O’Brien’s 12 CD Set The Innocence of Father Brown, and a picture with GK.


Preferred Seating at the show and a picture with GK.

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My Experiences with Santa Claus

A new Christmas Essay has been added to the collection of Christmas Essays — actually it is only part of an essay. If I ever find the whole thing, I’ll post it. I’m told “they’re working on it”.

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Fr. Ian Boyd on Vatican Radio

If you don’t know, Fr. Boyd is President of the G.K.Chesterton Institute for Faith and Culture. There is a short little interview you can listen to on Vatican News Radio by clicking right here.

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