July Meeting Notes

The July Meeting was last night (July 16th) at St. Margaret’s. We spent most of the evening making plans for the September kick-off event, and talking about how we want to organize ourselves, and where we want to meet.


One thought on “July Meeting Notes

  1. Well, I wonder where to begin. I guess to expand on the three topics Tom started us off with would be appropriate.
    1) Dale Ahlquist is coming to St. Louis!!! He is being sponsored by our Kevin O’Brien’s “Theater of the Word” (see link to the right) and will be part of “”Chumming With Chesterton & Bumming With Belloc” on September 28, 29 & 30. This event will be at the Cardinal Rigali Center in the John Paul II Theater. Kevin and Chuck Chalberg will be on stage with Mr. Ahlquist. Details will be found by following the link and we will be helping wherever we can to publicize this production. Ideas and making contacts to get additional speaking gigs for Dale and Chuck (and/or Kevin) while they are in town. Remember, spreading the good word about GKC is a good thing. Be sure to check the link for a “Surprise” about TotW & GKC!!!
    2) Organization-so far we have been very, very informal. Consistently meeting at the same time and place has been about the only principle that has been followed by the group. Should we change this? A couple of modest ideas have been put forward. Should we ask everybody to contribute $45.00 to the local society? For this contribution, they would get a year’s membership in the SLCS and the American Chesterton Society and a year of Gilbert! magazine. This would get them a reminder of the wonders of GKCin their mailbox every 4 – 6 weeks, discounts on things purchased from the ACS and give the local society some operating funds to use for approved projects.
    3) Meeting place- St. Margaret of Scotland Rectory has been very gracious to us, offering a pleasant meeting place at zero cost. But we recognize that St. Louis is a big place and coming into the city represents some challenges: logistically, psychologically and for some, even metaphysically. Would a public place along the I-64/40 corridor, especially out toward Lindbergh be more conducive to our purposes? If so, any proposals for possible venues? What would be the costs/obligations incurred at a tavern? We would need a relatively quiet spot with access to food and drink at a reasonable price. Ideas are welcome and maybe a committee could be formed to research and recommend.
    An additional topic for discussion/input. A mission statement should probably be developed for the SLCS. I think our motto as stated at the top of this page is perfect, but maybe a paragraph (short) of our goals would help to keep us on track as we grow, expand, form sub-chapters, become incorporated, etc.
    Thanks go to Tom Leith for setting this blog up. He took the proverbial bull by it’s mythical horns and allegorically wrestled this e-experience into reality. I hope everybody enjoys it in the spirit of GKC and all his friends.
    I do believe this is enough for now. Please check back often and leave your comments for the group to consider.
    Founder of the SLCS

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