Meeting Places

As Scott had suggested, we have had a thought to move our meeting place to a spot less “challenging” than St. Margaret’s. The reason is that so many people have such negative impressions of the city that they will not venture this far east after dark. Its irrational, I know, and not very Chestertonian. But we have to meet `em where they are.

The ideal spot will have real English beer on tap, but beggars can’t be choosers. The management should be open to having a meeting of a literary club on a Monday evening after 7 p.m. Some establishments have private rooms — this would be great if they have it. So long as we buy something, they’ll probably be happy enough to host us on a Monday night. No more free cheese though.

Besides the psychological distance, there is also physical distance. Most people live out in the county, and so it seems we should meet them halfway. I am not sure what this will mean for potential student members from Maryville, SLU, WU, Webster, or Fontbonne. Some undergrads have cars, but probably not most. If we’re going to market to them, this is probably a consideration.

 I have had two thoughts:

  1. A place somewhere along the Metrolink route. There seems something especially Chestertonian about riding the train to a Chesterton Society Meeting. Of course, the place should be reasonably Chestertonian as well. This will help WU & SLU students, certainly.
  2. A Chestertonian sort of place in Creve Coeur, Des Peres, Sunset Hills, the eastern part of Manchester, Crestwood, or Kirkwood could work fine, except that students may not be so able to get there. Non-students may have to offer taxi service.

So, who knows a place in the I-270 corridor that fills the bill, or a place along the Metrolink Route? We must do some serious research soon. I am looking forward to this. And what do people think of the two main ideas generally?


5 thoughts on “Meeting Places

  1. Some possibilities for “research” (in no particular order). When shall we get started?

    Chuck’s Bar & Grill
    (314) 984-0970
    1181 Colonnade Ctr
    St Louis, MO 63131

    JJ Twig’s Pizza & Pub
    (636) 225-9944
    2964 Old Dougherty Ferry Rd
    St Louis, MO 63122

    Mike Duffy’s Pub & Grill
    314 821-2025
    124 W. Jefferson Ave.
    Kirkwood, MO 63122
    private dining room available in Kirkwood for groups up to about 50

    Growler’s Pub
    (314) 432-3110
    763 Old Ballas Rd
    Creve Coeur, MO 63141
    Chris Craemer – General Manager, Sunset Hills

    Village Bar
    (314) 821-4532
    12247 Manchester Rd
    Des Peres, MO 63131

  2. How about next Monday night, August the 6th? Meet at Growlers at 7 and then go to Mike Duffys. Spend about an hour at each place; that should give us time to see about the atmosphere, etc. Location wise, those two seem about the most centrally located. If neither place seems good, we can go on from there. Thanks for getting the list together.

  3. We need to organize an expedition to check out Kirkwood locations and then maybe Des Peres also. Who would like to propose a date and commit to being there for others to join up with?

  4. Tom has been busy with checking out options. Things look very promising for getting on board at Pauline Books and Media out on Watson Road in Crestwood. Will hope to hear soon.

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