Pub Crawl

Scott & I were joined by Kevin for Monday night’s scouting mission for an appropriately Chestertonian meeting place. We think that any place anyone’s heard of will be “too nice” to want us, or too busy for us to want it. These are almost the same thing. Let me explain.

 We went to the Growlers on Olive Street, 7 p.m. on a Monday night. They have a great beer selection (good) but also a big crowd which makes too much noise, even though the crowd was very far from being rowdy, for a literary society to have a nice meeting and discussion. So we left for Mike Duffy’s in Kirkwood.

 They were also pretty busy, but they have a private room. According to the manager, if we had 20 or more people, we could use the private room and they’d be happy to have us. There was a group of about 40 in there during our visit, 8:30 p.m. on a Monday night. The room has doors that close, but noise from the bar would still “leak” in. This could possibly be OK. The food at Mike Duffy’s is so-so. Typical bar food.

 At Kevin’s suggestion, we went to O’Leary’s on Lindbergh Boulevard. By now its 9:30 or so. On a Monday night. And the place was pretty busy. No private room either.

 There are more names on the list of places to check out, but these were found by doing a web search. And although I would be happy to check them out, I think we need more suggestions — we need local knowledge.

What we’re looking for is a bar that would be happy to have five or ten people on a Monday night. This means it isn’t busy. They’d have to be able to turn off the televisions and music. What I think we’re looking for is a little neighborhood dive. You know, a place with local flavor, or culture as Kevin says. A Chestertonian sort of place, one of a kind, a sole proprietorship.

 We have also thought of coffee shops. That’s more French than English I think, but its still literary and so it seems a good second option. Otherwise the requirements will be about the same.

Wherever we go, we think it should lie between Watson Road to the south, Olive Street to the north, Barrett Station Road to the west, and Lindbergh Boulevard to the east. This is in order to be centrally-located in the St. Louis metro area. We need a neighborhood sort of place: if its in a mall, the rent is so high they have to be busy to stay open. It is remotely possible we find a place on one of the main drags, but we think its unlikely.

 So, who’s up for the next stage of our pub crawl? And does anyone know of a place we should check out?

Editorial Suggestion:

In the interest of streamlining and making the blog easy to gain information from, perhaps we should continue this discussion under the “Meeting Places” post. 


3 thoughts on “Pub Crawl

  1. We definitely need word of mouth recommendations!! Otherwise, crawling down Lindbergh from joint to joint would be an open invitation to alcoholism, marital disharmony and bankruptcy. And if Lindbergh was fruitless, we would then have to crawl down Olive, then Barrett Station, etc. So, please, search your memory, ask your friends, family, etc.

  2. I have two suggestions for places to check out, both are in Kirkwood. Wm. D. Alandale Brewing Company seems very promising judging from their website, it is at 105 E. Jefferson. Dewey Pizza is at 124 N. Kirkwood. There are probably a couple of other places in that vicinity that could be covered. What says you to checking them out on Wednesday the 5th of September? Who is up for the adventure?

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