August Meeting Notes

  • On the 20th we met at St. Margaret of Scotland.  Refreshments were supplied by Tom and Bob primarily and enjoyed by all.  We discussed the opening chapter of Dale Ahlquist’s book  Common Sense 101: Lessons from Chesterton.  The subject of that is “Wonder” and various experiences were brought forward, talked over and through and I hope all attendees were reminded of GKC’s great capacity for wonder and why we should all cultivate it in ourselves and show that we have it in our dealings with others.
  • The Surprise” and “Chumming with Chesterton and Bumming with Belloc” were brought to the group’s attention.  These productions are right around the corner and all are strongly encouraged to attend.  Supporting these two events can be a great boon to our efforts.  If you have not already, please link to the “Theater of the Word” website and make your plans.  The second half of the month will be a great time for getting your friends and family exposed to GKC in an affordable and entertaining way.  Perhaps they will even stop wondering where this fascination you have with GKC comes from!  I’m hoping mine do anyway!!
  • In conjunction with these two great events, we have talked about organizing ourselves in a more structured way that has been the practice since February of ’04.  Two goals that seem worthy would be served by some options that the attendees discussed: 1) a closer alignment with the American Chesterton Society (ACS) and 2) more publicity for our local chapter to draw in those who might be interested.  Membership in the ACS has it’s own rewards and can be checked out at the website (link to the right).  Publicity for our local efforts would be rewarded by letting current GKC fans know about us and for us to get to know them.  We might even draw in those only tangentially aware of GKC (as I was for many years) and introduce him to them in all his well roundedness- by which I mean his world view, not his physical bearing!
  • To that end, I would like to propose a couple of things.  ACS Membership is important and will be encouraged at each and every meeting.  The latest issue of Gilbert! magazine will be part of each agenda starting in October (the 15th, to be exact).  Contributions in cash &/or in kind will also be encouraged at each meeting starting in October.  Possible use of money collected include (but may not be limited to): publicity/advertising expenditures, speaker/moderator honorium, donations to charitable organizations, special refreshments.   I can’t see making anything mandatory for a group such as ours, but it also seems that we need to give something of ourselves in order to be invested in the group.  I hope this strikes the right balance for current attendees and would seem reasonable to future attendees.
  • Everybody at August’s meeting professed to enjoy the topical approach that Common Sense 101 brought to the group discussion, so September 17th will bring us to Chapter 3, which is “The Riddles of God”.  Read it over, bring your observations from that and other sources along with other ideas for the group and we will see you at 7 PM at St. Margaret of Scotland.



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