September Meeting Notes

We gathered at 7 o’clock and enjoyed cookies brought by Mazie and coffee (decaf) supplied by St. Margaret of Scotland.  Most of the get together was spent discussing the need to get our existence more well known in the community.  We were able to welcome a brand new attendee, who found us on the web connected with “Theater of the Word”.  A new place to meet was also a recurring topic with a strong case being put forward to go for a site such as a university (Maryville being a strong candidate) or even a public library.  This could very well limit our ability to enjoy food and drink while we meet, but would be very neutral and accessable to a great many potential members.

Membership in the American Chesterton Society was stressed and the increase from $35 to $42 (effective October 1st) was highlighted.  Join up now and save yourself the regret of having to spend more later, plus getting in on Gilbert! magazine right away and the membership discount on materials!!!  Don’t delay!!

Not much of Chesterton 101 was discussed- I’ll take responsibility for that being neglected.  But everyone is encouraged to continue reading the book for future meetings and digging into some of the original writings to flesh out Ahlquist’s observations with your own insight. 

Looking forward to October, I think it would be perfectly appropriate to devote the meeting to discussing the productions of “The Surprise” and “Chumming with Chesterton, Bumming with Belloc”.  Those that were able to make it (especially those who join us as a result of attending one or both) can compare notes and fill in those who were unable to take part in the stage events of this season.  Put in a comment if there are reasons we should not do this. 

That’s all I have time for now.  Please add comments to supplement my memory or revise my recollections.  Thanks.



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