October 15th Meeting

Here is a proposed agenda for our get together at Pauline Books and Media on Watson Road.

A)  Business discussion concerning funds, meeting place(s), membership and attendance, publicity, etc. 

1) We now have the responsibility of remitting $30.00 per meeting to Pauline.  Donations will be taken up for covering this cost for the October meeting; shall we standardize for future meetings?

2) Would also like to send something to St. Margaret of Scotland as thanks for hosting us for three-plus years, please keep this in mind concerning donations on 1) above.

B)  An overview of things since last meeting: The Surprise; Chumming w/Chesterton, Bumming w/Belloc; other events/readings attendees can present.

C)  Tom Leith reprises one of his speeches for the group from The Surprise.

D)  Review/critique/analyze/debate/argue/praise/condemn The Surprise and Chumming…Belloc until the topic is exhausted or the attendees are.

E)  Determination of November’s topic followed by adjourning until November 19th.

What do you think?  Comment on additions/deletions you think helpful.



2 thoughts on “October 15th Meeting

  1. What a fine meeting we had last night!! Great to see a lot of the regulars and we had new people also, wonderful to have fresh minds contributing. Learned that approximately 10 years ago there was a group of Chestertonians meeting regularly here in St. Louis; they met for about three years until the organizer moved away and the group disbanded.
    There were excellent refreshments provided by various members, we all owe them a note of thanks!!
    Believe it or not, we did cover everything that was on the agenda!! Maybe not in the order it was written (see above), but we got ‘er done.
    Lots of good discussion of “The Surprise” both on the page and on the stage. Lots of differing viewpoints about the play itself and Chesterton as a playwright. Kevin sounds very positive about bringing more GKC out via Theater of the Word; I’m sure we are all very supportive of these efforts along with other projects he is bringing out.
    The attendees were generous in contributing not only their thoughts and opinions but in supporting our move to Pauline Books and Media, $49 were contributed so we convered the fee and the balance will go to St. Margaret of Scotland along with a formal thank you note expressing the group’s gratitude. But I feel confident that our new meeting place will work out very nicely.
    Look forward to other’s letting us in on their impressions of last night’s get together. For those that were unable to make it, please plan on November 17th and bring your thoughts about “The Riddles of God”, the chapter in Chesterton 101 by Dale Ahlquist that we will be discussing. If there are things that you think we need to cue in on please add your comment to the blog post of that title.

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