Lepanto Oct. 7, 1571

Your thoughts on GKC’s epic poem Lepanto as we approach the 436th anniversary of the battle.


5 thoughts on “Lepanto Oct. 7, 1571

  1. Thanks for providing the link. One thing I knew for sure was that “Don Juan” was not the type of don that Belloc was talking about this past weekend.

  2. One of our most consistent members (Bob D.) has proposed a Sunday late afternoon/evening get together of the Society (and friends) to mark this auspicious anniversary. Thoughts??

  3. There will be a get together at Llyellens (pardon my bad spelling) on McPherson in the Central West End on Sunday the 7th at 6 PM. Come celebrate the victory, the poem or both!!!

  4. Had a nice meeting of about half dozen people to discuss the battle, progressed to the state of Western Civilization and ended up on Russian literature. What a great meeting!!! GKC would be proud of us!!!
    Had some new faces and some regulars; the place was nice and we sat outside and spent an enjoyable evening. Plan on another anniversary meeting next year!!!

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