The Apostle of Common Sense

Apostle of Common Sense Poster

On Friday and Saturday, the 28th & 29th, of September, The St. Louis Chesterton Society welcomes the founder and President of the American Chesterton Society to St. Louis for a live on stage presentation of The Apostle of Common Sense  produced by our friends at Theater of the Word Incorporated.

Dale will be joined by Hilaire Belloc, and by the Big Man Himself, G.K. Chesterton on the stage in the Pope John Paul II Theater at the Rigali Center in Shrewsbury.

After Saturday night’s show, Dale, Chuck Chalberg (Chesterton) and Kevin O’Brien (Belloc) will retire to Cousin Hugo’s for libations and conversation. Everyone is welcome, but if you didn’t go see the show either on Friday or Saturday, expect to pay a $5 “fine” for missing out on the best-ever Chestertonian event in St. Louis.

 Get your tickets from The Theater of the Word, Incorporated at 314-894-9673. $15 for all performances. Tickets also available at all Metrotix locations, and on the Metrotix website ,  or charge by phone at 314-534-1111.

 As ever, leave us your comments and impressions.


2 thoughts on “The Apostle of Common Sense

  1. Many, many thanks to Kevin and his Theater of the Word for getting this event into St. Louis. Hope we have a very full and appreciative turnout for the shows.

  2. Both shows were excellent! And what a good turn-out!!
    I thought Dale’s presentation was very attuned to what was a mixed audience. Some very familiar with GKC and others for whom the night was a first encounter with the Big Guy. General impression: Saturday night was more of the novice night, I noted more sounds of “shock” compared to Friday’s tones of appreciation.
    I experienced a very pleasant “surprise” at how much Chuck Chalberg’s presentation differed from Friday to Saturday night. I would estimate 60-70% consisted of “new” material. I wondered at how he decides on what riffs to do, but no matter how he does it, it worked very well both times. He must have quite a material stored up to draw from on any given night.
    And Belloc was…I mean, Kevin was just sensational. Completely convincing from moment one, I completely forgot about his triumph of just a week ago as a poet/diplomat/drunken songster and swordfighter par excellence (I think the King cheated to gain a last moment advantage!)
    Really really happy with how things went and I hope The Theater of the Word made some sort of profit from the past two weekends so they have some seed money to continue their productions, put out additional publicity, etc. Thank you for letting the Society in on the events!

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