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Our friends over at  The Theater of the Word produced two terrific “Chesterton & Friends” shows, and we have shamelessly leeched off their efforts. Chesterton’s play The Surprise played to nearly-full houses both nights, and the stage version of the EWTN show The Apostle of Common Sense played to at least 200 people between the two nights. This beat all expectations.

We have a meeting coming up on October 15th, and we’ll invite all the attendees who left an e-mail address at either show. The meeting agenda is here.

It seems that people are asking for us to explain The Surprise, I expect they mean the final scene. I shall have to get started on that project. I want to talk about the plot and meaning of the play, and about the literary devices Chesterton used to drive it home. There will even be a bit of criticism thrown in. One thing that bothers me: this discussion will necessarily spoil The Surprise for the audience that hasn’t seen the play. And since it has been publicly performed only about six times, that means it’ll be spoiled for nearly everybody.

I could wait until after the EWTN broadcast. What do people think?


3 thoughts on “Society News

  1. Yes, we’re getting questions now, but we will have a discussion of The Surprise at the next meeting, which seems to me to be “available enough”.

    After that, I’ll reconsider posting a synopsis and some analysis on the web. I’m still thinking it’d be best to wait for the EWTN broadcast.


  2. It should come as no “surprise” that we will discuss the play “The Surprise” along with the production of it; also, reflections/impressions of “The Apostle of Common Sense” on the 15th.
    What may come as a surprise is a change in meeting place. Tom has been busy checking out some options and one is looking particularly good. Hopefully will know later today, October 8th. Will advise as soon as I hear from him.

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