WRYT Appearance

Tony Holman has extended an invitation to me to be interviewed on the radio next Wednesday, November the 14th at 4 PM.  I understand I will be on with “Zip” Rzeppa and that it will be a live broadcast about our local Chesterton Society and GKC.  Listen in and let me know how I did in representing the Big Man and our local efforts.  Covenant Network can be found at www.covenantnet.net with a listing of the various radio frequencies they broadcast over.  Thanks.



2 thoughts on “WRYT Appearance

  1. And don’t forget WRYT streams their audio on the net nowadays. I play it with the Real Audio Player, and you can also use Winamp if you prefer that one. Both are free. Real Networks will try to get you to buy a “premium” version, but to listen online you don’t need it.

    So, you go Scott! Be sure to thank the sisters for their kind hospitality.

  2. I hope I did a good job in discussing GKC and our local efforts. I got positive “reviews” from my co-workers who listened in; since I left the office early to do the interview, they probably just were checking out my story…
    The people at Covenant Network were very nice. I felt very comfortable in front of the mic, Richard and Zip were very supportive. Tony Holman was gracious in person and Joe made me feel right at home. I gave Richard a “Break the Conventions…Keep the Commandments” bumper sticker. I will send a thank you note to Tony and drop them an e-mail prior to our December meeting to keep to keep the publicity machine going.
    If we collect more than $30.00 next Monday I will propose that the excess be sent as a donation to Covenant Network. I don’t see how it could hurt and getting on the airwaves is certainly the best way I have been exposed to in order to reach people. Anyone out there with other media contacts should feel free to put my name and e-mail in front of them,or let me know and I will initiate the contact. Heck, after being on stage and in front of a microphone, I’m ready for TV, whatever (but I’m sure I have a face made for radio); sorry couldn’t resist.

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