Kevin O’Brien’s at it Again

Our own local celebrity has got another show together. See A Morning Star Christmas at the Credo blog.


3 thoughts on “Kevin O’Brien’s at it Again

  1. The “Theater of the Word” has a new production that they are advertising. It’s a play with dinner and a talk by Fr. Fessio (sp?) all for one low price. Check out the link to the right for details and order your tickets asap. I am especially enthusiastic about this after last night’s discussion about the Arts and our need to support those that are uplifting, etc.

  2. Thought I would add a little more detail, since when I visited the web link I had some trouble identifying performance times, etc. You can also call 888-840-WORD to get more information, order tickets, etc.
    Anyway,in February, on Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd there will be performances of St. Louis native Rev. Mother Mary Francis “The Smallest of All” in the evening. On Sunday February 24 the play will be performed at 2 PM (doors open at 1:30), followed immediately by dinner and a talk by Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J. titled “Reclaiming the Arts”. Tickets at $35.00 (which includes dinner, lecture and show) and must be purchased in advance.
    This all takes place at the Cardinal Rigali Center, 20 Archbishop May Drive which is in Shrewsbury just off Laclede Station Road Between Watson Road and I-44.
    I would imagine tickets to the play only are available for the Sunday performance, but again, call 888-840-9673 for confirmation/details/tickets.
    Supporting Theater of the Word seems like a normal outgrowth of January’s meeting, so I hope Chestertonians come out in force.

  3. There is a HUGE ad in the St. Louis Review for “Smallest of All”– it appears they have expanded to performances on two (2) weekends. Call 888-840-9673 if you don’t have access to the newspaper.

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