“The Surprise” on EWTN

The PoetChesterton’s play “The Surprise” which was produced here in St. Louis on stage by Kevin O’Brien and The Theater of the Word, Incorporated will make its EWTN broadcast debut at the most convenient hour of 6 A.M. Thursday, December 20th. The premiere that anyone will actually watch will be on Friday, Dec. 21st at 9 P.M. Finally, when nobody is doing anything on Christmas Eve, they can watch it at noon. (Times are Central Standard)

 It will probably be repeated in January as well.

Three members of the St. Louis Production cast appear in the television version. Julian Ahlquist who appeared in St. Louis as The Friar is in the television version The King of Fontarabia. Jeremy Stanbary plays the part of The Puppeteer as he did in St. Louis. Kevin O’Brien plays again The Poet.


5 thoughts on ““The Surprise” on EWTN

  1. Looking at the above broadcast times and my own calendar and adding in the fact I don’t have cable— well, it leads me to the conclusion that I am going to need help in viewing “The Surprise”. Would anybody be interested in “taping” the show and then arranging for a viewing/loaning a copy/etc. I do not want to violate any copyright/licensing/etc. Would a meeting that includes the viewing of the show be too much? Let me know and thanks.

  2. A CD of the show has been made and I would like to know if the society members are interested in gathering to watch it. If yes, what would be conducive surroundings? Could we get Kevin to give us commentary before, during and after the show? Would we like to devote a meeting to this or set up a time other than the third Monday of a month? Just chime in and let your voice be heard.

  3. Let’s have The Surprise as our March meeting program. We can watch & discuss, and compare the EWTN version with the St. Louis production.

  4. Good hearing from you. We will discuss Monday evening and I feel your proposal is very worthwhile especially since our memories of last fall are fading every day.

  5. Just finished reading “Bleak House” be Charles Dickens. I won’t be a spoiler for those who want to read it, but let me just say that GKC is not the only writer who makes a marriage a surprise!!! How we could have discussed “The Surprise” so many times and in so many ways and nobody having know of a connection of sorts between these two works, well it just goes to show that we need more people in our local Society & that each of us has more to learn from everything we come in contact with.
    “Bleak House” was a very fine book and the concluding sections had me on the edge; people and plots coming together seamlessly and the narrative thread holding firm. GKC called it Dickens’ finest book, but not his finest story and I believe I understand the difference better now.

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