Regina spots GKC v. C. Hitchens

From our faithful member, Regina A.

Perhaps you could pass on the following GKC Sighting to the STL GKC fraternity. Fr. Barron( I believe I have touted him before) in addressing the recent news about Christopher Hitchens’s
dire diagnosis, wrote in part on CNN’s Belief blog the following.  It is wise counsel to all Catholics.      Regards, Regina
“…Hitchens seeks by means of specious argument, insinuation, and sometimes plain smear-tactics to undermine religion. He ought to be opposed, vigorously, with counter-argument and clarification of fact. But all the while, he ought to be respected.
One of the greatest Catholic apologists of all time, G.K. Chesterton, debated the agnostic George Bernard Shaw up and down England, and their arguments were often pointed and aggressive; but after the debates, the two friends could be seen drinking and laughing together. That’s a model of how a Christian treats his intellectual opponents.
So read Christopher Hitchens; disagree with him and get angry with him; defend the faith against his attacks. And pray for him.”
The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Robert Barron.
Thanks, R.!!


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