2010 Chesterton Conference

The band of Chestertonians from St. Louis (Kevin O’Brien, Maria Romine-Kantor, David Treadway, and Tom Leith) arrived in Emmitsburg today around 4 PM local time and got ourselves settled. Sort of. Let’s just say for the time being that organizing a Chesterton Conference is a thing worth doing, and we’ll have our chance to do it just as well next year when the conference comes to St. Louis. Being the good-humored flexible types we are, everyone has a place to sleep, although one of us hasn’t got a key. This probably isn’t enough to win us the coveted inconvenience award: a beautiful wineglass engraved An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered. — G.K. Chesterton

On today’s program was dinner, a welcome from Dale Ahlquist, and two talks: the first by Philosophy Professor Tom Martin entitled The Mistake About the Social Sciences, and the second by Chestertonian Futurist David Zach entitled A Great Many Clever Things: The Mistake About Technology. Yes, he gets the irony.

One of the themes of Zach’s talk is that cellphones and computers aren’t really “connection devices” — they’re disconnection devices that rob us of the necessity¬†and the pleasure of talking¬†with strangers. We’ve been lied to. Taking this to heart, I’m going to go join the strangers talking in the courtyard, and come back later to talk with whomever may read this, most of whom I’m sure I know.


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