Distributism Defined

Bill Powell has found GKC’s own definition of Distributism, such as it is. Distributism isn’t so much a system of thought or a practical program as it is an attitude.


2 thoughts on “Distributism Defined

  1. I can’t find a link to what Bill Powell has found, but this post is a scandalous misrepresentation of an economic philosophy that is far more than an attitude. Individual member of the St. Louis Chesterton Society might not have much understanding of or approval of distributism, but it is unconscionable for the Society to post such an insipid anti-intellectual dismissal of one of Chesterton’s greatest legacies. If you want to knock Chesterton or any of his thought, do so at our monthly meetings, not in an official blog post or publication – for doing the latter implies that this is the an official position of the Society, and it most certainly is not.

  2. The link is the words “GKC’s own definition of Distributism”. The contrast in the theme is a little low — the text is brown instead of black.

    And who says anything has been knocked or dismissed?

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