Dale Ahlquist In Town

The President of the American Chesterton Society will be in St. Louis for the Marian Conference at the Millennium Hotel downtown.  He will be speaking Friday January 10 at 9 PM and Saturday January 11 at 1 PM.  Sorry for the late notice, but “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly”.  $40.00 will get you in the door and you will also have the opportunity to hear Mark Brumly, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, attend Mass, etc.  See www.stlmarianconference.net for more information.

Dale has also arranged to be at Hodak’s Restaurant (2100 Gravois Avenue, the intersection of Gravois & McNair) just south of downtown Friday from about 5 to 6:30 to enjoy a St. Louis meal and fellowship with Chestertonians from the area, so if you can make that it would be great!!

And don’t forget out regular monthly meeting January 20th at Helen Fitzgerlds to discuss “Chesterton and Mary”.  Should be fascinating!!


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