Chesterton, the Postmodern

[Chesterton] may be the first and truest of the postmoderns. Or perhaps not the first. We assume that God gives us the best gifts possible. And in Scripture, God gives us not a catechism to be memorized, but a narrative to be lived. He gives us first the story of Israel’s relationship with God, and then the story of God’s own Son on earth; in other words, He gives us history and biography; He gives us narratives. Where we might prefer a Summa, He gives us a sermon; where we might expect a syllogism, He gives us a psalm. Prayer, prophecy, poetry, and parable are the means of truth. This is not to reject the tools of logic, which are indispensable in understanding the narratives we have been given. But it is to establish the proper order between the narratives and their explication, an order that is surprisingly postmodern because it is eminently pre-modern. In the last analysis, we are not interested in analysis for its own sake, but only for the sake of following more closely in His footsteps.

This is taken from a terrific article by one writer I regularly read. Click Here to read the whole thing.



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