Need a speaker? And want your audience to enjoy him?

Invite G. K. Chesterton!!!  Well, that’s not really what you can do… but you can bring Chesterton’s thoughts to your people by having the founder and coordinator of the St. Louis Chesterton Society, Scott A. Wilson, come give a talk to your group.  Think your friends would like an introduction to this fine English writer?  “The Man Who Was Orthodox” could be a romp with this 300 pound elf of a man.  Interested in a particular topic?  “Chesterton on ________” would be just your ticket since GKC’s great mind considered everything, put it in it’s proper perspective and presented it with wit, humor and great verve.  Just e-mail or better yet call 314-832-0722 to discuss what you would like and when you would like it.  Or best of all, come to our next meeting (see immediately below) and discuss it there.


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