August 21, 2017
“Heretics” Continued


Our regular meeting on Monday the 21st at 7 PM will be an extension of last month’s discussion of “Heretics”, G. K. C.’s seminal classic of 1905!!  Twenty chapters of mind blowing wisdom to work with and we are thinking (more of less) specifically of what heretics there are in our current milieu that would mirror or parallel those that Chesterton dealt with in his time.  For example, who is the G. B. Shaw of the early 21st Century?

In addition, we hope to get a report from the American Chesterton Society’s conference held in July.  There were three of our group who had planned to attend and we look forward to any & all of their impressions of the event held in Colorado Springs.

We also hope to be able to give our going away best wishes to a faithful member who will be going to Ann Arbor, Michigan later this month.



The 17th represents the third Monday of the month and that is our regular meeting with a starting time of 7 PM (but come when you can and leave when you have to go).  We will be found in the downstairs dining area of C. J. Muggs located at 101 W. Lockwood, Webster Groves in the historic Gorlock Building.  The management has been very supportive of our meetings and our waiter A. J. has been exemplary in taking care of us.  We have room to grow so please come and bring a friend/family member/enemy to experience the richness of G. K. Chesterton’s thought.


2 thoughts on “NEXT MEETING

    1. Yes, the Webster Groves location (in the historic Gorlock building) at 101 West Lockwood. Looking forward to your joining us!!
      Scott Wilson

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