June 19 Meeting

I have received requests (well, at least one request) to post a few notes on our meeting to discuss “The Everlasting Man Part II” which took place on the above date.  The most memorable things for me were the two Chesterton sightings that members brought to the groups’ attention.  The first was a Wall Street Journal article by Ahmari Schrab on June 15 which is subscription only but I will  check out a way of getting it to you.  The second was a reference to Chesterton in one of E. Hemingway’s “Nick Adams” short stories.  Very surprising to me!!!

The discussion of book was lively.  I recall talk of did mythology really come to an end with the Nativity?  Chesterton’s insight about the shepherds representing imagination and the Maji representing philosophy was brought out by one of the group and that really resonated with me as it was explained.  Also, Chesterton’s examination of the Gospel as if we never had read them before— what a strange story they tell based purely on first exposure to them.  “The Riddles of the Gospels” (Chapter 2 in Part II) really did seem to engage the group most deeply.  And GKC’s take down of those who say that Jesus was speaking to a particular time and place; “Exactly how suitable they were to his time and placed is perhaps suggested in the end of his story”.

And this gem also seemed to strike many of the members assembled: “There is nothing that throws any particular light on Christ’s attitude towards organised warfare, except that he seems to have been rather fond of Roman soldiers.”

That is all I can relate at this time, but I invite comments from anyone else that was there!!!



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