Fr. John Perricone shows his erudition…

From our faithful attendee/contributor Carmen:

In an insightful article entitled “Crazy About Me” in the Winter/Spring 2014 issue of Latin Mass magazine, Fr. John Perricone analyzes the Esalen movement of Big Sur, California, which was ” . . . part of the larger self-actualization movement that clogged the decade of the Seventies like sludge” and whose legacy is still with us.  He explains, “In the Esalen lexicon the truly “spiritual” person is the one who manages to snap all the links to societal/religious expectation, norms, and laws.  The self then exists in a blessed stillness, loosed from the racket of moral obligation, and fulfilling all the fancies of the liberated self.”  He goes on to note that “Chesterton saw the monstrousness of this airbrushed atheism when he wrote:  ‘Of all the horrible religions, the most horrible is the worship of the god within . . . that Jones shall worship the god within him turns out ultimately to mean that Jones will worship Jones.'”


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