Chesterton Sighted in “The Loser Letters”

I saw a while ago an advertisement for a book titled Adam & Eve After The Pill by Mary Eberstadt.  Read a bit about it on and was interested so I searched the St. Louis Public and County library catalogs and got no results.  So I checked to see what the county had by Mary Eberstadt and one of the three titles was The Loser Letters.  This rang a bell in that I seemed to recall reading some articles by that title in “National Review” and so I requested the book and picked it up yesterday from a branch close to my office.

I read the first seven “letters” last night and came across two references to Chesterton and then read a little bit more at lunch today into letter # 8, where GKC was mentioned again and identified as an “uberpapist”.  All the references were spot on in “getting” Chesterton but I won’t get much more into the tone or content of the book.  It is very unique and witty in it’s treatment of the “New Atheists”.  The cover blurbs make reference to Screwtape (of C. S. Lewis fame) and come from folks ranging from P. J. O’Rourke (a favorite humorist of mine) to Michael Novak.  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys apologetics with a “wicked” twist, just as GKC would use his opponents own words and views to illustrate their illogicality.

I am sorry to be reaching the end (a Foreward and 10 letters comprise the entire book) but I have two other titles by Eberstadt to read also; they appear to be more straight forward social science.  But if her wit is operative at all they could well be worth reading.  I also requested that the county library procure Adam & … Pill and will be interested if they do so.

Please comment if you have read or are interested in doing so after reading the above.  Thanks.



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